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Transformers WFC-S9 Hound Siege Deluxe Hasbro

Jual Transformers WFC-S9 Hound Siege Deluxe Hasbro

Ready Stock

Transformers WFC-S9 Hound Siege Deluxe Hasbro

Based on Transformers Siege
Related to Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy
Related to Transformation Generations
Character = Hound
Original Product
Brand = Hasbro (related to Tomy)
Emboss = Yes
Size = Deluxe Class = Kisar 13cm
Bahan = ABS Plastic PVC
Bisa Digerakkan Transformasi
Complete Parts & Accesories
New in Box

Harga Standar List = Rp475.000 per Item
Harga Hemat = Rp375.000 per Item

Box Art =

Character =

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